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The Innocent's Eyes


It’s been some time, but I still remember
That cosmic night anesthetized my disturbed mind
Beautiful dreams became nightmares
Voices screaming inside of my head
I feel the changes of time in my skin

In the end of the tunnel
We don’t see a light of hope anymore
By the side of the abyss we find ourselves so fragile

This intense fight makes us bleed
And wounds like these never scar
I feel the fear of painful days approaching

The innocent’s eyes reflect
All the pain of the world
And without doubt we’re destroying ourselves
The innocent’s eyes don’t lie

I don’t see anything here beyond lies
Your eyes are asking for help
I feel the pain of this world
A dreadful look revealed our prison
But remember that there’s always a choice
And if we don’t run, we’ll be left behind
Dreams don’t come from nothing we have to want them

In this life there are difficult moments
But these tears of yours won’t last forever
We all have a destiny, the evolution is in the life’s way

Compositor: Thiago Ferraz / Fabiano Areis / Jessé G. Berreiro / Cleiton Pires / Paulo Zanetti

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