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Strong Wings To Fly


Here time flies and this is inevitable
We grow older every sunset
?Cause this has always been the system
The world never stops turning

For a long time
I repressed my dreams and wishes
For several times
I felt lost in my own thoughts
But my constant questions without answers
Still make me choke

Sometimes I appeal for a definitive silence
But there?s a time that we can?t escape anymore

We need to free strong wings to fly
It?s not the end there?s still time
Fly high, beyond the gates of imagination?

I could feel her pain in every tear
The despair flows from her crucified inside
Wake up! Leave the mistakes, let this pain away
Now it's time to do by yourself

The dreams stay alive
The choices are yours
You can languish in your own weakness
Or go beyond and to win
The time don?t stop and you must carry on
All of us we have a way to follow
After the tears, you always shine

Compositor: Fabiano Areis, Jessé Barreiro, Thiago Ferraz, Cleiton Fonseca, Paulo Zanetti

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