Last Reign


Looking at the horizon, I can see the hell
The greed of man, I see
A true chaos hard and cruel
Mankind is falling to the ground
We are dying one by one

I'm like a blind man
Waiting of the last train without destiny
Signs of pain on dry land

Living the last reign
There comes the last sunset
Fallen man
Human extinct
Where is the future?

The world follows the changes of men
And it's madness of our minds
Insane habit that condemns
The world is falling down!

An overheating burn my hopes
Horizons of fire around me
Agony for more a thousand years

The Earth is dying
Mother Earth is crying
Hey planet

Planet earth don't leave us
Don't leave us!

Greed that makes us fall
This hate just makes us ill
Lies that changed the world
Acts that brought this desolation

Compositor: Fabiano Areis, Jessé Barreiro, Thiago Ferraz, Cleiton Fonseca

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