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Egg Box

Close your eyes and shake your hands
Here comes a punkrock band
Let the beat enter through your ear
Open your eyes so you know we're here

we're called eggbox hope you listened before
Call mom and dad 'cause we are at your door
Get the engine started and light your LC
Bring all your friends, it could be any

Don't earn money to play
Just listen to green day
We'll someday ride a limo
But don't ask us to play emo

Flower on your garden, worm on the land
This may sound weird, but this is our band
Well, I dont mind if you could miss this line
This is because I didn't find any rhyme

Now here we are, going on with the show
This part of the music it usually goes slow
But this part i don't want you to miss
'Cause this is nice, it's cool...is? (it's cool? isssss)
get it?

Now look up, open your mouth and smile
Make it happen! oh no that's bullshit
The show is over, we'll come back in a while
Forget the emo this is punkrock beat

Don't earn money to play
Just listen to green day

Compositor: Danilo Bonamigo

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