Stereo Love (Feat. Vika Jigulina) (cifrada)

Edward Maya

The Stereo Love Show

(riff acordeon) E|----12---12-11-12-14-12-11-12-9-11------------------ B|--9--------------------------------12-14--10-12-9--- G|---------------------------------------------------- (riff passagem acordeon) E|--12---12---12---12---12-- (6x) B|-9----9----9----9----9---- E|----12---12-11-12-14-12-11-12-9-11------------------ B|--9--------------------------------12-14--10-12-9--- G|---------------------------------------------------- C#m A E When you're gonna stop breaking my heart C#m A E A I don't wanna be another one C#m A E Paying for the things I never done E Don't let go B Don't let go A To my love C#m A Can I get to your soul C#m A Can you get to my thoughts C#m A E Can you promise we won't let go C#m A All the things that I need C#m A All the things that you need C#m A E You can make it feel so real. C#m E Cuz you can't deny A E You've blown my mind E A When I touch your body A I feel I'm loosing control C#m E Cuz you can't deny A E You've blown my mind E A When I see you baby A I just don't wanna let go. Acordes: -acordes para violão · -acordes para teclado · -acordes para cavaco

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