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Through The Glass

Eden White

Through the glass you cry
On the wall I stand
My only wish is to hold your hand
I won't hurt you now
This evil thing I've done
As long as you win the war that I've begun
Your tiny fingers hold on my heart
Dear god, don't let them tear us apart

Luck would run away
Never to be found
They say your best off without me around
I won't hurt you now
I won't stay in your way
As long as you break down these walls that
I've made
You've so much - so much - so much to give
Will you please let her live

Ahh, can she forgive
But will never forget
This live built on regret
Oh and dear god
How she understands
What I cannot explain
This live laid out of shame

Through the glass you cry
And to the sky I raise my hands
Dear god, right here on doorstep I stand
Do you know I'm here
Do you hear me pray
Tell me if "sorry" has now ought too late
If there is one thing
One thing - one thing to say
Dear god, please don't take her away

Letra enviada por Joyce Fernandes

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