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Hook & Sling

Eddie Bo

Huh, ha, uh, do it

Move it, groove it
Just keep on hooking
And keep on slinging

Hook it, sling it, woowee
Ooh, but I got a groove

Lemme see if I can get out there
And do that thing with you
Want me to try it
Yeah, let me get it

Woo, I like this thing
Woo, but I got a groove, ha
Woowee, did I do it right, y'all

Let me gave it one more time
I think I can, I think I can do it

Now I'm gonna give it to you
You want it, okay, you got it
Go on now with your bad self, ha

Woo, but I just can't
Stop doing this thing
I love this hook and sling
Let me do it again one more time

Lord, that feels good
Woo, it make me feel
So unnecessary
I love this hook and sling

Girl, you over there
With that green dress
And those great big old yams
You look so good
You love to do that thing
They call hook and sling
Don't you

Well, do it again for me

Do it, baby

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