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Give Me Love (New Machine Remix) (Feat. Mic Righteous)

Ed Sheeran

(Ed Sheeran)
And that I'll fight my corner
Maybe tonight I'll call ya
After my blood turns into alcohol
No, I just wanna hold ya

Give a little time to me (give a little time to me)
We'll play hide and seek (we'll play hide and seek)
All I want is the taste that your lips allow
My, my, my, my, give me love

Love me, love me, love me, give me love, give me love!

(Mic Righteous)
As youth we used to play games
like Hide and Seek and Simon Says
and then we realized
we? are not mice, we? re men
and that was kinda dead
For one more time, let? Is play Simon Says
But this time, it? s not Simon, cause Simon? s Ed
Give me love like it meant life or death
like it meant your final breathe, yeah
Give me love like you could buy it from the corner shop
You could spend your time
so it don? t matter if you? re poor or not
Give me that real love
Something you could feel, love
Maybe it could heal ya
Just like the first time you said it
Give me love
Because hate is the worst kind of weapon
It?Is like I finally see the person in my reflection

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