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    Faces Change
    But this place'll stay the same
    And I'll know
    When I'll go

    And I'm pickin' up another bag
    And I pack another knapsack
    The airport's like a stop light to me
    Sittin' on red, green light go
    Can't see my family
    My family grew into a global trance
    Or fans, some may call 'em
    And it's on the stage I stand
    To jam, rock, sing *no wakin' up to stop the dream
    I lived the life, signed a picture
    Cuz no dam could stop the stream
    Or flood gates, I'm in a fucked race
    And a pocket fulla culture condoms
    They put you on the podium for first place
    But on the block, they judge you on 'em
    Who got the South in a six pack
    And a shotgun just for show?
    I'll put the white boys back in gold teeth
    Put the hood in mossy oak
    I'm the
    Child of a deadbeat, so I gotta give the beat some life
    Beat me down with criticism, but at least the critic's right
    With a broken pen, there they go again
    I'm a token man, I'm a rollin jam
    Like a rollin' stone, I'm closin in
    I'm goin home, I'm home again
    Bring it back up in the Uk
    With a Dixie flag and a sixteen pack
    Catfish Billy, hell, you say
    I'm just bein' blunt, homie
    Keep the grass

    You changed me
    Into what I am now
    You made me
    It was something I was always gonna be
    It seems these broken dreams don't lie
    And so now my broken wings will fly

    Yeah, take one look
    Better yet, take two
    But if I take that break, there's a move you made
    This dude you shape will come take you back
    Back to the roots I've been
    Without a fuckin' pot to pee in
    Or a spot to sleep in
    Hot or cold outside, it's not the season
    Cuz I am not the reason
    That the image you're used to seein'
    Is usually being fake, so to me the hate is meaningless
    Meaning yes, I'm different
    Differently made
    And me screamin' the A
    Is not the difference in grades
    It's the place I stayed
    Cuz the schools were underpaid
    The teachers taught, but to me they fought
    A star that was underway
    It was under Wayne, it was in my name
    M. W. A
    And in trouble I stayed
    Breakin out of this bubble they made
    Played with the dice, but I rolled that seven
    And I'll go back to heaven in a Chevrolet
    Fuck the world with a tattooed hand
    Committed to the words I say
    A blood line's not a family tree
    It's a needle in my skin for all to see
    I ain't never got a spring break tattoo drunk
    But I drink and take the ink

    You changed me
    Into what I am now
    You made me
    It was something I was always gonna be
    It seems these broken dreams don't lie
    And so now my broken wings will fly

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