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Mercury Retrograde

Easy Life

Spaceships Mixtape

I'm a spiritual wizard
Hiding out from these emotional blizzards
Just smoke no mirrors
Put it in the air hold it up like pillars
She cut me out like scissors
Rolled me up in big grey Rizla's
She's all toil and trouble
One of three Scottish sisters

But finding her was very difficult
Like playing Where's Wally in a crowded room
Full of similar looking individuals
Like trying to keep art original
Surrounded by the stuff I love
Why am I still miserable?
I know God's been kind
Why the fuck am I still cynical?

In and out of love with miraculous variation
Thats the daily hazards of a soul seeker
Just a danger of my occupation
Yet another explosive behavioural demonstration
Typical of my Gemini queen
I'm running out of Libra patience
Oh please, oh please
And now she's on her knees
Oh jeez, oh jeez
Don't make this about me
And you can live in my art forever
It's calm, you can thank me later
I promise you're one of the best
I promise you I don't hate you

I promise you're one of the best
I promise you I don't hate you

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