Easy Life


Easy Life

Spaceships Mixtape

Naturally some people throw dirt upon my name
I got people pretending that sometimes they feel the same
And all these people playing games
So many people playing games
Look, I've got no idea what I've become
Or where I've even been
I've been feeling low, babe
I'm miserable as sin
And I'm about to knock your door down
And you better let me in
'Cause I need to tell you something
But where do i begin?

Okay, I'm jealous
And jealousy seeps out my every pore
Not because of someone in particular
Just because sometimes I fall short of who I claim to be
And surely there's someone better than me?
Queuing up behind me till I fall
Waiting in my shoes
They would love to be here next to you
I know they would, I know it's true
Because I do, I know that I do
And babe sometimes I can't even look at you
Because the way they look at you is too similar

Man, we're so familiar
I could write your signature
Swear I'm like your prisoner
Let me make it simpler
I'm writing all this literature for you
I'm jealous, I'm jealous over you
I don't blame myself but I'm jealous
And, I'm jealous

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