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Earth Groans

Power up all circuits go
The flickering of lights
It's so captivating now
And my mind's sucked in

A box in the corner of the room
I reside my mind behind the glass
The matters of my life will have to wait
Entrapped, I sink into my own escape

My exit from this reality
A better life, easier at least
Examining, hoping for guidance in our life
It feeds us lies, but I guess we don't mind

So welcome to the prison of our intellect
Only serving propaganda at feeding time
And we eat it like it's meat
And now wash it down with some marketing

Biasing their opinions to the masses
All in all to get their numbers up
Training the dogs to attack and crucify
The ones they want to mark for dead

Taking our self worth for hostage
If you're not "this" then you're nothing they advertise
Planting the obscene in young eyes
Spreading roots, infiltrates their growing minds

And it feeds and feeds and it still needs
Filling up the greedy pockets
Behind the screen

We the people have turned into drones
Reacting to the cues, blind
We cannot be just pawns at fingertips
Take back your mind

Pocket full of poems and endless chivalry
She can't wait for her prince charming to come
And sweep her from her feet
He wants his goddess with ageless skin and burning passion

We yield false expectations from Hollywood seeds
Yet we turn back to the screens

Reigns We have to take back the reigns
We won't become the cultural mechanisms
That will turn their gears of greed
And fashion our innocence for gain

It's time we unplug
Don't let them displace your convictions

Now is the time to sever the ties
This is where we take back our minds

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