Earth Groans

Death claimed this day for its own
The life I had planned is now gone
The world around me fell
Even the air around me has become my own fiend

I fought, altercations I've spat
Till my body had grown weak

Cursed were the things my hands built
Barren was the ground I planted my seed
Everything meant nothing, and in nothingness
I found my new home
Loneliness and seclusion are my only company now
They are the only ones that will walk this path with me

My tears, all I have for food
Woe and sorrow is my only song now
Has my faith slipped through the floor
What's left of my life, shambles in a dry well

Oh God
When did my own strides take precedent over your sovereignty
When did my sights flip the scales
When did I become more and you became less
This mess I made is a product of self-reliance

As I try to stand on these trembling legs I lean on you
You are the only constant in this wavering world

You are the only hope that I have in my darkest of days
You are my strength, my peace, when I have none
You are the satisfaction, for my emptiness, for this emptiness

Take away everything, revive this contrite heart
When the wind blows dig your roots deep

Dig your roots deep
The light breeze that once entertained these leaves
Are now vices gusting me into a heap

Now I know I created an eclipse
All these days I've been so blind

Now I know I cannot live with out the Son
My own desires blocking out the light

Now I know
The life I had planned is now gone
Nothing compares your presence is worth more

Now I know
Strip it away
Nothing compares I'd lose it all to gain everything

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