By Faith

Earth Groans

There is nothing more dangerous
Than arriving at hopeless
My bed was made of it

There is nothing more frightening
Than a life without meaning
My bed was made of it
I got sick of lying in it

Listen, this is what was and will never be again
This is the lowest that ill let myself sink
From out of this pit I will ascend
I put hopeless to rest the first day I believed

I felt the ground shake
When I was peeled off the floor
The walls I've built have crumbled down

Seasons exchanged
The ground released its grip
Dormancy welcomed springs fair kiss
Frost retreat to its grave
Ovations from tree tops proclaimed
Streams from distance applaud
Colors restore to landscapes

Growing into new skin
Shedding the weight of old demons
By faith I'll be greater

Blacken the skies, blind my eyes
The flame inside won't be altered
Firm in purpose, resolution
The lions mouths will be musseled

Blacken the skies, blind my eyes
By faith I'll persevere
By faith we persevere

The reaper is scheming
Death so foolishly dug a hole
But I am no lifeless cadaver
No, I am no corpse
I am but a seed ready for planting
Near is the season of my ripening

I'm eternal
By faith we're eternal

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