Earth Groans

Circling the bait
A door way down the hall
It's up and to the left
It's not a room for company
Not for friends, or for family
Marked with a warning

Six panels of faded mahogany
The only barrier separating me from mystery

Cursed is the curiosity
The oxidized bronze
Has developed a new shine for me
"Maybe just this one time"
Surely I will not die

Monarchs stir, sweat beading
Forbidden fruit has me salivating

The universe separated
As the seal was broken
It brought a ringing to my ears
And now my eyes have been opened

Oh what a discovery, what a brand new world to see
It totally encompassed me, an image of extraordinary
Colors speak in poetry
Sounds dance like calligraphy

This will be my sanctuary
When life builds up on me
This room is all that welcomes me
When I'm here, I swear I feel something

What if I'm wrong?
I'll sing a cowards song
So what if I'm wrong
Just let me be

Oh how fast the world turns over
How fast the apple spoils
Substance turns to ash
And colors fade to black

The key is turned, and a free man becomes a prisoner

My conviction was a lock on the door and now its broken

Six panels of faded mahogany
The only barrier between you and me

The only way out is if I let you in

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