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The Sick Charade

Early Next Year

Well you would say that my self-esteem is killing me.
I'd say you're wrong, but today I won't disagree.
These complications of a mind set in overdrive.
Without emotion it's impossible to feel alive.

It's fine that you come clean, not just with me but everybody you know. This game, this sick charade,
it's over. It's over.

You say you're not listening, but you're criticizing everything I do.
I'll give you the reason that keeps you from knowing everything I knew.
Don't want confrontation,
but it seems to follow everywhere I go.
I'll give you the reason that keeps you from knowing everything I know.

I'm not the answer to your financial security.
I hope that doesn't make you think any less of me.
I'm skin and bones these dirty clothes don't have a mass appeal.
I'm confident they have no bearing on the way you feel.

[repet refrão]

I gotta go right now, stand up cause I'm leaving.
And we're arguing, I doubt there's a reason.
Gonna get moving, cause nobody's winning,
but we'll start up tomorrow back from the beginning.

It's fine that you come clean not just with me, but everybody you know.

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