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One Down, Two To Go

Early Next Year

Well Ive become a liar. Im so sick and uninspired. I used to be a best friend, now nothing more than just a ghost man. These months have been a challenge, yet Ive gained a bit of knowledge. I self describe with awkward, and try hard to set the standard.

Im waiting here in line, just pausing til the right time.

Im sorry for the things that I have done.
If I hurt you, or anyone. Im sorry for the things that I have said. All the words they resonate in your head.
I hate to be the bearer of bad news.
Trust when I say this, you wouldnt want to. Pay attention to the things that you have heard, theres something profound in every word.

My mind has been awakened. I think were clear of the depression.
Well start again, call it a New Year, and look ahead into the future. We keep these options open, and we wont fix what isnt broken.
I admit to gaining something, and in the end, better than nothing.

Reiterate what I know, I cant do this all alone.

I wish that we could agree that something isnt right, something isnt right here. I wish that we could all agree. I wish that we could just agree that something isnt right here, but well take another day to examine the situation. We forgive ourselves for the bad things that we did before we had it figure out, like we do now.

Im sorry for things that I have done.

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