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Never Saw It Coming

Early Next Year

When I woke up I couldnt know, by one o clock Id be alone. In a few years Im sure Ill find it funny, in all honesty, I never saw it coming. Its that time again, where we can just be friends. Ill miss the way you kiss, the feel of your fingertips tonight.

Why did you scare yourself so bad? Recall the conversation we just had. You were scared of things when they functioned fine, but everythings gone wrong by your design.
You gave the line. You read your script just fine. Figure these things out soon, and Ill be here for you next time.

And all the secrets weve been keeping, I guess that theyre not secret anymore. And all the nights that weve been sleeping, dreaming that youll come back through that door. Well I guess that I wont dream that anymore.

I knew youd chase yourself away, you warned me of it yesterday. If only we had had more time, I know I could have changed your mind. And I cant pretend I wanted this to end. Well see the time it takes to realize your mistakes next time.

You say youre complicated. Its nothing that I havent seen. You think its overrated to wear your heart upon your sleeve. You make things complicated when they dont need to be. And I think thats overrated now.

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