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All Your Advice

Early Next Year

The surprise that I see in your eyes doesnt match whats found in mine.
You never thought that something like this could happen. You never say just what youre thinking,
So tell me things youre dreaming of.
Well sort it out by the evening. We keep singing.

I took all your advice.
You have crossed all the lines. You have become my vice.
But I need you. Yeah, I need you.

Bad news could never touch me, I appear invincible.
Prepare yourself for what youve never, never been through. Ive always said just what Im dreaming, And youve never left without leaving. Now here we are unraveling.
Always singing

We create the history and give everybody else something to read about. Weve tried once, weve tried twice. Its the same sound made when the stereos broken. I found myself. At least its a work in progress. The sound, so loud. Its going to take some time to process.

If you go away, then this wont ever work out.

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