A Setup

E-Town Concrete

Johnny never went to college.
He couldn't afford the fee.
He got lucky; he had an uncle who worked for NBC.
Now Johnny's taking for people,
who shop from the TV-mostly wealthy housewives who buy expensive jewerly.

"It's a setup, keep you down.
They set up you, then knock you"

Johnny got laid-off, his job sent overseas.
He made about 50 bucks day, his replacement-$3.
My mother never had much money; my grades were never all that great.
So how fuck am I supposed to learn if eduation cost more than I make?
And how fuck the am I supposed to earn when,
good jobs want a college degree?
Seven bucks an hour, what kind of future does that leave for me?!

"It's a setup, keep you down.
They set up you, then knock you"(2x)

Johnny's is going through some tough times,
and barely making both ends meet.
He can't find a jod on account of the economy.
Johnny's feeling desperate.
He's got kids to feed.
So the day I met Johnny, he robbing me.

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