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All She Wants (O Xote das Meninas) - Marina Elali

Duas Caras (novela)

Duas Caras - Internacional

'Cause all she wants
Is go out with the boys
That's all she wants...

Early in the morning
She is all made up
Her days are full of daydreams
And nights are full of sighs
Her daddy says, my daughter
I want to understand you
I guess we need a doctor to
Find the reason why

I'm sorry, sir
But I can't help you
'Cause you're to blind to see
Your daughter's come of age
There ain't no remedy
Don't try to understand
Right now what you should do
Is set her free to live

Compositor: (zédantas/luiz Gonzaga - Letra Em Inglês: Marina Elali/ Kathleen Furjanic Rey)

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