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Pretty Please (Midland Refix)

Dua Lipa

Club Future Nostalgia

Lief, pretty
Lief, pretty
Oh, you look so pretty
Lief, pretty
Put my mind at
Lief, pretty
Put my mind at
Put my mind at

Somewhere in the middle, I
Think I lied a little, I
I said if we took it there, I wasn't gonna change
But that went out the window, yeah (Gonna break, gonna break)

Hate it when you leave me unattended
'Cause I miss ya, and I need your love
When my mind is runnin' wild
Could you help me slow it down?

Put my mind at ease
Trickle down my spine
Oh, you look so pretty, please
Every single night, I need your hands on me
Sweet relief
Pretty please

Hey, what's up? It's Louie Vega from Masters at Work
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