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Fly Away


Pass through borders into east
And you'll see the same old streets,
Sweeping winds into your eyes
Broken future, wasted lives,
In the corner of that square,
Crumbling statues now lie there
Like those relics of the past
All of us are now outcast

The time was on our side
When everyone had their place

Fly away - fly into a time gone by
Fly away - and you hope it will return

Once I had an open mind and time to understand
But every time I had to lie to serve the native
Land, while we try to justify the madness and the wars, they will come with newer guns
And fewer ways to help the poor

Now the leaders come and go, they close up the gates and doors we made, for one moment we were free...
Now our future bright is the past and we close our minds to make them last
While waiting we bow our heads and pray...

Through your life you toiled the land and you served the state with pride, now you're left with empty hands and nobody by your side
"everlasting peace awaits, a paradise with pearly gates", so they told you all your days
Made your sacrifice your ways

The time was on your side
When everyone shared your fate

Fly away - fly into a time gone by
Fly away - and you hope it will return

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