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My Number One

Dream Evil


You're my lover
You're my secret passion and I have no other

You're Delicious
So Capricious
If I find out you don't want me I'll be vicious

Say you love me
and you'll have me
In your arms forever and I won't forget it

Say you miss me
Come and kiss me
Take me up to heaven and you won't regret it

You are the one
You're my number one
The only treasure I'll ever have

You are the one
You're my number one
Anything for you 'cause you're the one I love

You're my lover
You're a fire
and desire

When I kiss your lips,
you know,
you take me higher

You're addiction
my conviction
You're my passion, my relief, my crucifixion

Never leave me
And believe me
You will be the sun into my raining season

Never leave me
And believe me
In my empty life you'll be the only reason

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