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Once In Lifetime


Sonic Firestorm

Once in a lifetime

Dark clouds and thunderstorms
In the fires and flames will born
Through darkness travelling on the night

Hell fires and rain will fall
Time comes to us all
Our journey to the guiding light

Firelight it is burning so bright in the dark of the night
As we fight to the glory tonight there's nowhere to hide
On the wings of the destiny brings all the power you crave
Carefull now if not you the who else will save

Lost in this world a total stranger
Death by the sword common danger
You know that everything is not what it seems
March on all night forever searching
Daylight ahead is only lurking
Break through the walls and use the power of your dreams

Once in a lifetime, take a chace at the right time
The glory to see
Rise up for the time of your life
Now the time has come for you to be free

In minds of society
we all live in harmony
Truth is that we all die in vain
You stand for what you believe
I kill for what I conceive
Is there then a title for this game?

Far away in the wastelands of hell full of torment and pain
Demon knights riding over the heights where fallen are slain
Violent fury of firestorming death now no life will prevail
No you live your days in the fires of hell


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