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Cry Of The Brave


Since the darkness took our minds

They burned our courage many died

Had to leave it all behind rebuild our lives

Passing memories remained

It made my soul a burning flame

Haunted dreams of my desire

Reveal my name

Raise our swords we fight for life

Shields and armor shining bright

Strike like dragons we have no fear

Our swords are made of steel

Fly across the high seas and mountains

Rise above the golden horizon

Far away beyond the gates of space and time

Through the wastelands forever and on

Still we fight on for our freedom

The cry of the fallen souls bleeding

Forever journey through the lands of ice and snow

Will we face all the fears of the world?

The cry of the brave

Since the time we saw the sign

Destruction of your feeble mind

Centuries have come and gone but nothing's changed

Hopes and dreams have disappeared

Destruction of your kind is near

Trapped inside your suffering eternal flame

Search the darkness search the light

Fierce resistance what a fight

Glory for unholy seal

Lies all cast in steel

Fly across the high seas and mountains...

In the depths of your desire

So secretly you feed the fire

Burning through the memories of all our lives

Watch the day turn into night

You reach out for that guiding light

First to be the one to hear their blinding lies

Fear of darkness fear of light

Sucked in by their ancient might

Ruthless in what you may feel

When your mind they steal

Fly across the high seas and mountains...

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