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Sharing The Night Together

Dr. Hook

You're looking a kind lonely girl
Would you like someone new to talk to,
Ah yeah, all right
I'm feeling kind lonely too
If you don't mind can I sit down here beside you?
Oh yeah, all right

If I seem to come on too strong
I hope that you will understand
I say these things 'cause I'd like to know
if you're as lonely as I am
and if you mind sharing the night together

We can bring in the morning girl
If you want to go that far
And if tomorrow finds us together
right here the way we are
Would you mind sharing the night together?
Sharing the night together

Would you like to dance with me and hold me
You know I want to be holding you
Ah yeah, all right'cause I like feeling like I do
And I see in your eyes,
That you're liking it too, ah yeah, all right
(I'd) like to get to know you better
Is there a place where we can go
where we can be alone together
And turn the lights down low and
Start sharing the night together?

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