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My Life (Smoking Weed for Hours)

Dr. Dre

Just smokin' weed for hours
Drinking Hennessy for hours

That's when I started flipping shit, mixing at the Eve
In '83 World Class beats for free
I hooked up with this fool slinging cookies and shit, just rookies and shit
Stomping out the Cpt
It was five niggas showin' muthafuckas the streets
Picked up this cat from Dallas then we went back east
Shit was wild when we broke them muthafuckas a piece
They said 'as long as you don't sing that shit about the police'
Now back on the coast, I don't bother no one
I keep strictly with the business 'til that shit gets done
Makin' money muthafucka, supposed to be havin' fun
But my faculty got fucked cause we fucked off one
They got me drunker than a skunk gettin' paid and shit
Never really considered what was made and shit
Like a Renegade and shit, thanks to shit
Niggas couldn't fade muthafuckin gansta shit
Ice Cube was performin', yeah he ain't no joke
Him and a bunch of Brooklyn niggas servin' nothin' but dope
And we all stayed down, we all kept winnin'
Studios and hoes was just the beginnin'

In the sunshine
(Yeah, I'm just tryin' to live)
My life, my life, my life, in the sunshine
(Yeah, I gotta live)
My life, my life, my life

They said them niggas was real look how they ballin' and shit
When the business get up in it, it's all new shit
Make sure it's straight cause you gon' hate when yo' shit fake
Be like I can't fuck with that, back to servin' them cakes
I went to the liquor store so I could get me a drank
Then I ounce and just bounce get some pussy and thank
I see my nigga D. O. C. him and the security ballin'
In one of his foe's that muthafucka was crawlin'
He holla'd and shit but I can't hear that nigga jawin'
So I said hold up nigga, got my shit, we all in, he said

These papers fucked up my nigga you can check it out
If yo' shit fucked too let's put our own fuckin' records out

I got his information and went on my way
Went home and realized, shit I'm givin' paper away
Then there's a knock at the door, my brother Warren G
With some niggas out of Long Beach called 213
We started workin' on Deep Cover, said fuck it, we made it
They played it and they played it, got faded and replayed it
They said it's the shit, G funk shit be knockin'
The Row was bouta' drop and it was on and poppin'

In the sunshine
(Yeah, I'm just tryin' to live)
My life, my life, my life, in the sunshine
(Yeah, I gotta live)
My life, my life, my life
Just smoking' weed for hours
Drinkin' Hennessy for hours

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