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Sorry Sometimes

Down By Law

you're such a sweet girl
i'm so sorry when ni lose my cool
seems like sometimes i most appreciate that
when i'm far way from you
and i know that's not how
it's supposed to be, o.k.
and it's usually not, but
somehow it is today
you're such a cool girl
and i really think that every day
and just to prove it's true,
i'm dreaming of you
when you're a thousand miles away
and i know that's just how
it's supposed to be, o.k.
but i forget when you're
close to me
i'm sorry sometimes
don't build up walls of
toughness to protect your
self from me
i'm still the boy you love,
and you're the girl for me
those walls are going to fall
those walls are going to fall
i'm sorry sometimes

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