Double (J-Pop)

*1 work that reflex
Put it on me
Close up better yet
If you're a good boy
Maybe we can touch
Work that reflex
Pop ya' body
To the beat
All night breaking sweat
Though i'm a good girl
Boy you make me
Wanna touch

From the moment
You came home
Boy it's on
Been missing yo badly

All week
I could not sleep
Just waiting for
You to get back here
Been cold
Lonely on my own
Another night
I couldn't stand it
So as soon as
You come through that door
Be ready to
Back off that jacket

*1 repeat

*2 just had to look at you
And straight away baby
Boom goes my heart
That's when the party got started

So warm
The inside of your palms
Got my temperature
Way overheating
So sweet are the
Taste of your lips
I love the way they're gently teasing
Every move you do
Consumes me more
You're so mesmerising
So don't stop
So much to catch up on
Round two when the bell rings

*1 repeat

Rock that
Rock the boat for me baby
Rock that
Nice n' slow
Nice n' slow

*2, *1 repeat

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