On The Double

Double (J-Pop)

* Now you been caught nogasanai
Can't escape sude ni
You been caught up on the double
And you can see odoridasu
Music got you jumpin'
toriko ni suru DOUBLE

irotoridori ni subete umetsukushi
Tried to scoop me with the ice but
Who you think I was
You the wu without the cream
kare ga materu
But you looking kinda cute
kuridasu Hit the dance floor
ageru What you came for
Show me what you do

* repeat

Now my web you got stuck
hamarikaketa kara
By the way that I move
Leaving you in awe
toraeta anata
We can dance to the groove
odotte ageru
Holding me really tight
And I know it isn't right
Cause we breaking all the rules

* repeat

Like what I see
What's on your mind
So come down with me
itsudemo You wanna go
Move your body sorosoro
Work it for me
I think it's time we...
La di la di la di la di la oh!

* repeat x3

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