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Let Love Conquer The World (feat. German Rock Project)

Doro Pesch

Don't walk on by
we want you to stay for a while
won't you open up your eyes
don't turn away
from all the troubles of these times
they're not just sentimental lies
so put away your pride

What would you say
if somebody needs your helping hand
could he rely upon your words
it won't take too long
why don't you give iust a little heart

instead of taking your returns
don't turn against the tide
we gotta bring this dream alive

Let love conquer the world
it's time for sacrifice
a little faith within our lives.
We've gotta let love conquer the world
and if we make a start
one day love will rule the world.

Can you consider a life
without prejudice and greed
Could you face yourself and smile
you gotta realize
it all begins with you and I
it's not for others to decide
why don't you be the guide
and bring this dream alive

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