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A Woman's Touch

Doris Day

A Woman's Touch

A woman's touch, a woman's touch
The magic of Aladdin couldn't do as much
She's a wizard, she's a champ
And she doesn't need a lamp

A woman's touch can weave a spell
The kind of hocus-pocus that she does so well
With the magic of a broom
She can mesmerise a room

With a whisk-whisk here and a whisk-whisk there
And a dustpan for the cinders
With a rub-rub here and a rub-rub there
She could polish up the winders

Then presto-chango, suddenly
The sun comes shining through
And what does Mr Sunshine say to you

It makes you blink, to stop and think
A woman and a whisk broom
Can accomplish so darn much
So never underestimate a woman's touch

A woman's touch can quickly fill
The empty flower boxes on a winder sill
One smile from her and zoom
Little buds begin to bloom

A touch of paint, a magic nail
Can turn a kitchen chair into a Chippendale
Even make a lamp appear
Like a crystal chandelier

With a tack-tack here and a tack-tack there
And a hand around a hammer
With a mop-mop here and a mop-mop there
You can give a cabin glamour

Then gosh-o-mighty, all at once
The cabin that we knew
Becomes a shiny castle built for two
Me and you

The pies and cakes, a woman bakes
Can make a fella tell her
That he loves her very much
So never underestimate a woman's touch

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