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Lonely Boys Paradise

Dope Lemon

Oh, welcome friend
Is it just the one bag you're checking in?
Oh here it is, I can see your name
It's all been taken care of
Just let me get you to sign on the dotted line
For your lonely soul

Oh, here are the keys, concierge
Take this lad to his room
And explain the rules of Lonely Boys Paradise
I suggest you start at the bar on the beach
Meet a girl, fall in love for the night
And find something smooth
To wash this lil' memory down

Mm, see her across the room
She's dancing like the moon just tipped to the sky
She's shining bright
Oh, she takes you by the hand
Mm, you treat her like a man
Mm, as she's spinning round
She's looking in into your eyes
You might also like
And you roll on down the beach
Take off your clothes
And jump in the ocean
You swim out across the shore
And you look back to the beach
And there's a lobster laughing
Smoking a lil' cigarette
He's thinking, "God
I'll never leave this place alive"

Here, in the lonely boys paradise
Check in, but you can never leave
Lonely boys paradise

Mm when she kisses your lips
Tastes like peaches and cream
And she looks in your eyes
And she tells you that she's having a good time
And she never wants this to end

Mm, she opens the mini bar
Pours us a drink then we will look at the stars
And when I look down to see
The concierge smoking his cigarette
He's thinking, "God
They'll never leave this place alive"
Here at the lonely boys paradise

You can check in but you can never leave
Lonely boys paradise
Here, at the lonely boys paradise

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