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Nowhere to Run

Donna Lewis

I can still remember
each mile I have travelled
never knowing which way
the road might turn
now I face the stillness
the city of ruins
everyone in line waiting too

blackened are the hearts
of those who have witnessed
far into the blue
out of view
colours of the dawn
shrouded completely
everyday is slow
sinking low

nowhere to run
nowhere to hide

and I stood inside
the silent circle
with a bitter taste
of changing times
and as the voices run
run into each other
did you feel the way
God kissed our eyes

nowhere to run
nowhere to hide

there is always time
for us to begin again
I don't want to sleep
and see a face I once knew
but I have a father
who is still living
and I have a mother who's with me too

nowhere to run
nowhere to hide

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