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It do Feel Good

Donna Fargo

I'm kickin' my heel together free again i feel like me again
I know without a doubt i'm in love love love
And i don't have to make believe or feed a guilty conscience
Love set me free and it do feel good

I just went through this painful thing of questions without answers
Kept comin' back with nothin' for the longest time
My heart kept racing with my conscience and claiming all my daydreames
Wait out in front of my mind

And that awful gnawing feeling like you're gonna die from hunger
You don't find out where you're going and how to get there
But now it's worth all that confusion cause i found me an answer
And i know love is alive again within me

I'm kickin' my heel together...

I've finally figured out how yesterdays fit into tomorrows
And i've learned that little doubts are just unfinished dreams
And i guess i'll keep on learning the same lessens all over
And nothing is as bad as it seems

And i've just got to accept the fact that i have to accept the fact
That love goes through changes just like we do
And an occasional distraction a little quiet a little action
And a whole lot of patience will make it grow

I'm kickin' my heel together...
I'm kickin' my heel together...
I'm kickin' my heel together...

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