Your Heart

Donavon Frankenreiter

Pass It Around

And some days I'm only half my size
And some days I'm ten feet kneeling
And some days I'm the owner of this city
And some days I get caught steeling
And then I hear the sirens blow
And the church bells they let me know that it's just...
Your heart

And sometimes I feel six feet under
Sometimes I wanna scream loud as thunder
Sometimes I know the world feels like it's shaking
I'd rather be know for giving but for now I'm taking
Static in my mind
Just to fight through the distance and the time baby...
Your heart

Somewhere out there is a lost and found
Somewhere out there is a lasting love
Somewhere out there playing is the saddest tune
Somewhere out there I can hear the beating of...
Your heart
It's just your heart beating
Your heart

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