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Where I Am Now

Don Henley

Cass County

I've done some foolish things
I've been downright stupid
I've been a sucker for a pretty face
Lord, I was poltuted
When people say, "Would you go back? "
I say, "No way, nohow''
Because I like where I am now

I took it hard when I found out
That life just isn't fair
I used to bellyache and moan
But now I just don't care
I'm making one last victory lap and then I'll take a bow
Because I like where I am now

Where I am now
Father Time is a friend
I feel at home
In my own skin

There ain't no limit to the havoc he can wreak
When a young man slips into his self·destructive streak
I been east, west, north and south
But I made it through somehow
And I like where I am now
You know, I like where I am now
I said, I like where I am now

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