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Powder, set, yes
Came out impressed
Kill them in that dress
(Kill them in that)
I'm beautiful
I know it's so
I'm beautiful
See you in that
Powder, set yes
Came out impressed
Kill them in that dress

Hey, nayima
'Sup sabrina
Hey, naomi
Love your features
With a little bit of rouge on the cheek
Bronze little bombshells cruise by the beach
Louis on the clutch, 'boutin on the feets
I'm doing too much with your dude in the sheets
Now you soft like 300 count
Little rubber band tuckin' 300 thou'

Throw it on the floor, make 300 bounce
Can you make a 16 come out 300 mouths?
Cause I might have the check in the mail
I might get 'em wetter like I'm underneath the sail
Hungry little bunny I am coming for your tail
So I can keep my mommy up and spend a hundred on the nails

As usual
I'm suitable
Cute from the cooch to my cuticle
And boo, you should know
I'm so doable
It's quite provable
That we beautiful

And it ain't about being good looking
It's your brains, how they working
Get that good sookie-sookie
I'm sorry if your man can't stop lookie-looking
Mistook me for a ho', and ain't nobody playing hookie
And you ain't found your girl on tinder yet
The cookie like a temple, you can call it gingerbread
Be a good example at least on the internet
Shorty posting all them selfies

Help me, is you single yet?
Tell me, is you into head?
Cause maybe we can intersect
Cos sexually you interest
Boy, visually you is a yes
(No respect!)
And you dudes don't do your duty
Can't see me shake my head at you
Too focused on the booty

You bastard bachelors
Is really acting like you're clooney
Ya'll truly won't be players
Til you learn to see the beauty
(Male groupies!)
Can't say I blame you if I was you I would do me
I'm a cutie-patootie but don't mistake that for hoochie
Cause even if you think you knew me
A woman changes with the seasons
And I'm breathing out the new me

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