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Walk These Dogs


Year of the Dog Again

On and off the leash, i'm a beast
No one ever gonna cross me in the streets
My only worries if i'm gon' eat because
We gon' walk these dogs
Yeah nigga, live it how i spit it
Look at how i walk it
Y'all niggaz could get it
But it must all go down
X is wit' it because
We gon' walk these dogs
You got it living back livin' with salt
I'ma' bring it back cause i'ma go hard
Fuckin' til' a nigga play the yard
We gon' walk these dogs
Gettin' down has never been an issue
I'ma bust my gun and not gon' miss you
Hate the smell of the slug burnin' the tissue
We gon' walk these dogs

[chorus 2x - dmx]
Nigga bust up all the thugs
It's about to get real out of hand dog
Better get your man dog
Hit 'em and leave him where niggaz can't stand dog
It's you man dog!

You better come in and get him now
Better grab his arm and sit him down
Nigga leave him in his house, i'm a put him down

We gon' walk these dogs!

We don't give a fuck about you
You talk real slick homie, but we doubt you
Got slugs that a put a nigga right back out you cause

We gon' walk these dogs!

I'm right here now nigga what up
Always talkin' about how you could of, would of
But never doin' shit, cause you sweeter then sugar

We gon' walk these dogs!

Go on now, i'm not the one
Kashmir 7:30 about to pop the gun
Have your mom's on the news sreamin' ?ot my son?
We gon' walk these dogs!


Don't fuck wit' things you don't know about
I'll have a smith & wesson to show him out
Take him to the desert and blow him out cause!
We gon' walk these dogs!
Right to the streets, with the heat
Until i find something to eat, so don't sleep
Fuck around, thinkin' it's sweet, til' a nigga creep cause
We gon' walk these dogs!
Don't cry now, it's too late
I'ma empty ya' stomach of that shit you ate
One time in the park, make a nigga lose weight, because
We gon' walk these dogs!
Bigga, betta, stronga, fasta
Fuck a bitch longa if i have at to
And then i will cap her directly after

[chorus 2x]

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