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grudie nigga vs a raw dog and dirty bit*hes and if i give birth im given that
sh*t to 30 bi*thes you say you know a nigga like me guess again popie i may
smile up in your face but aint your friend homie jump out the fifthhundred like
run niggas dont want it did it done it when im blunted how ever it went done i
made it happen i made it rappin in busin,cousin yeah i made it happen and
lettin of wasnt new to nigga somein to prove to a nigga cause you a fool nigga
i know your type that hype all up off that fake sh*t but cant understand why my
niggas will have to take sh*t and steal sh*t cause this is that real shit
niggas feel sh*t kill sh*t i hit you in ya head you wont feel sh*t gggrrrrr let
the dog lose on the niggas a*s find out if the niggas fast thug and a trigger
blast fu*kin snakes

to be continued

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