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Fuck That's Wack


Yeah, yeah dawg. That's what its about dawg
Yeah, no shit dawg, That's what its all about

No time for games now.
Can't you see I'm busy
With all that I've been doing
I'm feeling kinda dizzy
Making my life harder than it should be
That aint your job. Go bug some other mother fucker
I've been dealing with your shit
For the past eight years
I'm sick of it so back out bitch
I can't keep those vows if you
treat me like this
I'm planning on leaving you
You know that
Dawg, Fuck thats whack

Oh, oh, oooooohooohohoooo

You gotta give me mah space
and show me some love
Give me a kiss and give me a hug
I need to enjoy my time with you
If I hate it, If I can't stand it
This marriage is through
I'm having trouble getting through my day
I can't have anything my way
I'm so sick and disgusted
Of how we I don't feel trusted
How you won't pull off your shirt
Let me suck on your nipples
Feeding on the breast milk
You provide for your kid
I need some too
I still want this shit
I wanna be with you
But you don't wanna be with me
Please just give me some love
Just share it with me
I wanna be sleeping with you
Yu know that
But dawg, Fuck thats whack

Horse shit man, I can't write this song
I keep getting this image of you in a thong
Thats just wrong
I need a place to think
Fill up my thoughts
Breath deep, get you outta my head
And into my bed
I wanna be your man
You can be my babe
Please hunny, Let me feel your leg
You look so tight, so hot
in that purple g-string
Please get me going with you
I wanna be your man
You know that
But dawg, Fuck thats Whack

Fuck Thats's whack [x4]

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