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  • Informações do Álbum Grand Champ
    Grand Champ
    Ouvir álbum completo Grand Champ Ano de lançamento: 2003
    1. Dog Intro
    2. My life Feat Chinky
    3. Where The Hood At
    4. Dogs Out
    5. Get It The Floors Feat
    6. Come Prepared
    7. Shat Down Feat
    8. Bring The Noize
    9. Unlouchable Feat
    10. F**Y'all
    11. Ruff Radio

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    I smell pussy
    I smell pussy
    I smell pussy

    Uh, uh, uh (WHAT)
    I smell pussy
    Uh, uh, uh, uh

    I’ma take it back to the shit talkin, slick talkin
    Smack a nigga, call him a bitch, and keep walkin
    Half y’all niggaz is pussy
    Other half of y’all niggaz is fake, dog, so please don’t push me
    If we was in jail you’d be in the poor, pain under mad pressure
    Leavin out on a stretcher
    Nigga I’m gon test ya, try ya hand
    And when they carry you out I’ma tie ya man
    Nigga cats ain’t built like, get killed like
    Blood get spilt like, poke a nigga tonight
    BANG, BANG ahh it hurts
    Fuck you screamin on me for, I’m puttin in work
    We leave more bodies than the bloods and the crips
    That’s how its goin down nigga, thug and a bitch
    Fuck a nigga wit, we on the same bullshit that y’all niggaz on
    Lets get it on

    [Chorus 2x]
    You know how we roll nigga, bring the noise
    Y’all don’t wanna fuck wit them boys
    C’mon dog put away them toys
    Cuz I’ma put in the clip and you’ll get yours

    No matter how many cats he brought wit em I’ma split em
    Hear it raised on my back, get low and hit em
    Arf, arf stop him dead in his tracks
    Knowin damn well you ain’t mean what you said on the wax
    Dog don’t know nuthin but bust that nigga
    Dog don’t know nuthin but fuck that nigga
    Dog don’t know nuthin but suck my dick
    When it comes to what happened, dog don’t know shit
    Did two years and one night,
    I pop two pens in one fight, two ears and one light
    Aight, aight that’s what it is so follow
    Too many dick ridin niggas wanna swallow
    Follow their mens and them
    And get popped wit your mens and them, is what I’m handin them
    It’s hot things, got things, to stop things,
    Drop things, cook a nigga like hot wings


    I done been around the block, did my dirt
    Earl’s thorough, put in work til it hurt
    I seen less pussy in a strip club, fuckin wit y’all niggaz
    Yes that means all y’all niggaz
    Y’all cats don’t know what ruthless means
    Wouldn’t be able to survive the truth I’ve seen
    Cats wouldn’t be alive if you was on my team
    But the truth is the ride is rough, nah’mean
    Got me like, “AHHHHH” what the fuck
    Y’all gon bang or somebody gettin stuck
    Back up the truck, jump right the fuck out on niggaz
    Empty the five out on niggaz (Pop, pop, pop, pop)
    Hush muthafuckaz don’t you cry
    Dog gon make sure that you die
    Point blank range so the slug go through
    Then I’ma hit yo crib and pop yo family too

    [Chorus 2x]

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