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Se... (translation)


You´ve said
That you don?t know ?if no?
Neither is sure about ?yes?
You wanna know what ?
When it?s this way
You had to make the heart comes out
You know that I just think about you
You say that you are always thinking about me

It may be
If it is this way
You have to give up from ?no?
Let it be crazy
And burn in this passion
There?s no pain to decide it
Its just say ?yes? or ?no?
But you love to use the word ?if?

I take it serious
But you seems to don?t see it
You talks a lot and I?m in this horrible situation
Its remembers me the cold
That comes from the South
You Insist in ? zero? to ?zero?
And I want ?one? to ?one?
I don´t know what happens with you
Seems that you don´t want my warm
San Jorge, Please
Land my your dragon
Its seems that is easier to learn Japanese in deaf
Than you to decide
If it will be or not to be

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