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Brown Paper Bag

DJ Khaled

We the Best

{young Jeezy}

Just got a hundered of that brown paper bag money
You niggas really wanna talk money?
Shit real thats all i could tell em
Just rap em up good so the dogs can't smell em

Brown paper bag(thank god for that) brown paper bag

Thank god for thoese days, thank god for thoese nights
Though it might seem wrong thank god for that white
They use to call me the pirex kid, aka young arm n hammer
Catch em with the pots yeah vocal class
Hard on em pimp yeah i twerk the task
And when they came in we unpacked em all

Broke em all down and unrapped em all
Just two words nigga duffelbags i just know it so well
I cant help but brag, old man got 10 middle man got 3
And just yo luck the rap game got me hold up

{juelz santana}
Here we go again just spent a hundred of that brown paper
Bag money all on tims, and that bad bitch is all on him
Cuz the cars that he drive are all foreign
The game is mine im so foreign im speakin with an axcent
That brown paper bag money push my matress threw the roof
This for my niggas getitn brown paper bag money
This for my strippers gettin black plastic bag money
We talkin that bad money, that i.r.s can tax money ya dig me

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