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Before The Solution

DJ Khaled

We the Best

[Beanie Sigel]
All the bullshit stops here let's get this clear
Shoot rear fresh off the top tier
What I'm about to do for you is not fair
I'm not answering questions for you that are not clear
What up to State Prop the crew were they not there
The moment that they heard it the verdict when it was declared
Ya boy had to sit a year
Did they really disappear did Jay really not visit there
Dame and Bean's are they tight as it seems
Or is it all fabricated from that same fabric
That ripped the Roc marriage straight from the scenes
Things ain't what it seems
But in time do tell the truth shall prevail
Until then you dudes bite y'all nails in anticipation
Before I know you hate it why I got you waiting I too am waiting
Gotta see a couple faces when I make them face it
Truth that is that your boy ain't have patience
As a matter of fact it's wearing thin
But I tell you this though when the new year begins
Pussy's ain't got nuts because I'm going all in

We are listening
Plead for attention
But it ain't good if you don't wait
It ain't good if you don't wait

I'm the plot in every movie and my theory stays the same
It ain't good if you don't wait
It ain't good if you don't wait

[Beanie Sigel]
Now let's not get this misconstrued
To say that in this record I don't diss my dudes
Out of respect I couldn't check my once fist tight crew
Never in front of you I couldn't get that rude
And I don't give a fuck but I couldn't get that cruel
It's knowing what I do I could get like oh
You wanna know what I do don't ya
Ya love it if I told you old fuckers won't ya
Uh uh scrap got to pay for this one
I'm sorry younging got to wait on this one
The Solution soon in stores
Date to be posted until then I'm on pause

[Beanie Sigel]
Well fuck it I don't wanna stop
But you forgot the gunner pop tell me who you wanna rock
It's crew love Rocafella 'til I die
Nigga keep it moving don't get caught up in this drive-by
The breaks over your boy about to take over
If that number one spot open give it here
Give my ground dust off my chair
And y'all nigga's can kiss my ass before I sit it there
Back from the dead fresh off the prison tier
Daddy here to put the kids to bed
By the way the war's on you can't call it off
It's too late plus the boss involved


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