Da Rebirth

DJ Jazzy Jeff

(feat. Cy Young)

[Cy Young]
A one two, a one two
A one two, a one two
I'd like to introduce myself..
Many people think this style is terrific
It is kinda different, but lets be specific
Let's pay respects, dig it
Peace to KRS-ONE & Scott La Rock for the way that they did it
Peace to N.Y., not forgettin'
Rakim and Kane the list is too long to mention, all of yall
But since we here, put your hands up and enjoy yourselves
Cuz we just feelin it on the mic
And I'ma live hiphop for the rest of my life
And I'ma represent for the rest of my life
This is the life back when limits was ice
And niggas would bust, bust with the lyrics on mics
And you could start a house party just by killin the lights
DJ's was the life of the party
Back when everybody's favorite song was la di da di
That was love, perfect climax in the club
Then they pump LL cuz they needed the love
Pumas and Nikes, fat laces and shell toes
MC Lyte's voice alone used to steal the show
Everybody used to build and flow
We took turns with the beat box and watched the cypher grow
Words was dope and fly clothes was fresh
Plus everybody paid respect to Jazzy Jeff
That was dope
NOT ectasy
NOT coke
NOT killin' young kids for coats
NOT teachin' young girls how to sell their souls
NOT runnin' in homes or car jackers
NOT leavin' your own
I wanna go back to flows
Back to beats, breakers and shows
Back to sweats and (?)
Start re-buildin', let me know if you feel it
And I know all yall gon' feel it
And I know it hurts, but I swear you got to hear it
It's been a long time so you probably fear it
Any misconceptions killed it
Anytime my mics turned on and I'm anywhere near it
Yes yes yall, you don't stop
Right about now we got DJ Jazzy Jeff on the wheels of steeeel

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