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Roly Poly with Asleep at the Wheel

Dixie Chicks

Roly Poly eatin' corn and taters
Hungry every minute of the day
Roly Poly gnawin' on a biscuit
As long as he can chew it's okay

He can eat an apple pie and never even bat an eye
He likes anything from soup to hay
Roly Poly,
Daddy's little fatty
I bet he's going to be a man some day

(guitar solo)

Roly Poly, scarmbled eggs for breakfest
Bread and jelly twenty times a day
Roly Poly, eats a hearty dinner
He needs lots strength to sing and play

He's up at dawn to do the chores
Runs both ways to all the stores
He works up an appetite that way
Ro-oly Poly
Daddy's little fatty
Fatty's going to be a man some day

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