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The Little Mermaid Original Broadway Cast - If Only


If only you could know
The things I long to say
If only I could tell you
What I wish I could convey

It's in my ev'ry glance
My heart's an open book
You'd see it all at once
If only you would look

If only you could glimpse
The feelings that I feel
If only you would notice
What I'm dying to reveal

The dreams I can't declare
The needs I can't deny
You'd understand them all
If only you would try

All my secrets you would learn them
All my longings you'd return them
Then the silence would be broken
Not a word would need be spoken

What is it about her
That's so wonderfully, impossibly familiar?

Why do I feel dizzy
In a way I've only felt but once before?

How come when she looks at me
It seems like time stops moving
Almost like the way it did that day upon the shore?

But that voice

If only it were true
If only for a while

Ah that voice!

If only you would notice
How I ache behind my smile

Where's that voice?

I guess you never will
I guess it doesn't show
But if I never find a way to tell you so

Oh what I would give
If only you could know

Bless ya child
Tomorrow the prince will have his pick of any princess in the land
How can a little mermaid compete with all that?

If only I knew how
I'd make him see the light
If only it were up to me
This all would turn out right

And if I only could
I'll tell you what I'd do
I'd simply wave my claw
And make your dreams come true

And wouldn't that surprise you
If you only knew

How could she just suddenly
Completely disappear into thin water?
It's been two whole days
And I don't know where she has gone!

Ah, that voice!

If only you'd come home

If only I could help

Where's that voice?

If only there were time
I know we'd kiss at last

That voice!

If only you'd come back
I'll change my ways!

Just one more day for that kiss to come

But time keeps racing forward
And our moment's almost passed!

I'll try to understand

It has to happen now

I'll keep my temper low

I'd give my life up to make it happen

I should have started listening to you long ago

How I wish that girl could have been this one!


There's only one more day until I have to go!

If only!

Oh what I would give if only you could know

And at the ball
What will occur?
Maybe I'll find that voice
But I'll lose her

If only

If only

If only

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