Drawn Out (cifrada)


Opaline - DualDisc

Intro: e[----0----------------0----------------0-------------------------| b[--1---1--0---0-----1---1--0---0-----1---1--0---0----------------| [repeat once] g[-----------0----------------0----------------0---0--------------| d[----------------------------------------------------------------| a[----------------------------------------------------------------| e[----------------------------------------------------------------| F Dm So the lines are lost, on the smallest details C C/Am Of the life that we tossed, pushed out over the rail F Dm And the wounds run deep, through the one man so bad C C He's fallen beneath, the touch of your hand Chorus: Am Dm And it's all drawn out, there's nothing inside C F And nothing to hold, nothing to find Am Dm C It's wearing me out, this feeling inside -- I'm all drawn out 2nd Verse: And the promise we break it, and the reasons we fake it Bring us farther apart, from the love that we make As the poisonous time, leaves us gasping for air We run for the past, but we're already there Chorus: . . .

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